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gregorian chant

February 9, 2011

what can i say about this photo?  well, in mid september, just days before i left to return to school, our group sat in on an afternoon chant by the monks at abezzio san antimo, a town buried in the heart of tuscany.  why am i thinking of this?  well, today i stumbled upon the blog of  nicholas felton whose work i’ve been following since last winter when a classmate used his statistics to illustrate the power of microsoft excel.  apparently, his father has recently passed away and he’s collected the ephemera of his father’s life, categorized it, catalogued it and analyzed it into the most beautiful and pointant reports of the qualities and quantities of life i’ve ever seen.  so much happens day to day and while the majority of it seems like nothing, it is just these moments that end up the summation of our lives.  the post cards, the passport stamps, the echocardiograms, the births of our children, the deaths of our loved ones, the accumulation of friends, the loss of relationships, and all the other little minute details that seem singular but simply are not.

in the coming days, weeks, and months i challenge you to collect these memories and record them somewhere.  you’ll never know how many days of tai chi you’ve practiced in a month or the number of times you’ve listened to the arcade fire album until you’ve kept track.  it’s about being deliberate and recognizing the awesomeness of little stuff, like the olive leaf you picked at the abbey and find crumpled in your purse five months later, because even crumpled up pieces of The Nature are part of the story.

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  1. February 10, 2011 5:00 pm

    The infographics on that site are beautiful. Here are some more pretty ones:

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