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Quarter Three: Best Summer Ever or Everything is Bathed in Light

December 29, 2010

The most common adjective I employ is Best.  Best is mostly referring to the time horizon Ever.  As in, The Best Ever.  I can’t imagine a more quintessentially me phrase; it is mine.  And I can’t imagine a more perfect use for this set of words than to describe this last summer because holy shit that was some good stuff.

July - National Folk Festival

I spent most of July sitting on my parent’s front porch.  In the middle of July, Aaron, Anne, Nick and my friends Danilo and Ashley relaxed on the porch before walking over town to the folk festivities.  Unique to Butte were the unusual and quirky venues and stages staggered throughout the National Historic Landmark District.  The main stage was set beneath the Stewart Head Frame.  In the foreground was 15,000 person crowd and in the background a sun-soaked rocky mountains and to the north the remnants of the Mountain Con mine works.  The setting was so spectacular.  Here thousands of people celebrated the culture of America on the now reclaimed grounds of a Mine that once employed immigrant miners from over 50 nations.  I just really, really love Butte.  For its rich history and wonderful front porches.

August - The Wedding of Brian and Jessica

I returned to Seattle in the early part of August to meet my close friend Vanessa to throw a bridal shower for our friend Jessica.  You see these garland strung from the rafters with care?  Vanessa and I hosted Jessica and Charisse in May for a streamer sew-athon where the four of us created over 1800 ft of garland.  In the process of planning Jessica’s shower, Vanessa and I managed to rack up something like a two hundred dollar phone bill discussing the intricacies of the party.  Ooops.  It went to good use, though!  We planned a 1950s garden party with good food, refreshing beverages and a homemade cake plus our super secret surprise ball favors that used the thematically relevant crepe paper used in the wedding decorations.   Despite a minor issue with the loss of a Honda the day was a smashing success.  The process of throwing the shower and celebrating Jessica placed my friendships in very profound perspective.  It is a rarity to have the chance to work with your friends to plan something and honor to have an opportunity celebrate them.  Although the experience left me a little bit exhausted, I was really grateful for the people I have in my life and appreciative of the strength of my friendships.

September - Italy

I had a hard time choosing a photo to encapsulate the importance and beauty of my September in Italy.  I’ve written a lot about Italy here and I need not go on.  Suffice to say, the number of mornings I awoke before the sun was fully up is monumental.  The number of times I had opportunity to look out a window at something completely spectacular as the sun was just beginning to bathe it in its light is even more remarkable.  It was so beautiful, it was so transformative and before I turn into an awful elizabeth gilbert festival I’m just going to say it was so the best ever.

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