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Quarter Four: 2010, you were good.

December 29, 2010

October - Garlic Planting

This past October I did something that surprised me, I woke up early put on wellies and rain gear to help Rowan plant his garlic crop.  Amongst the many new experiences I had this year, I participated in a community effort to plant A LOT of garlic.  I was impressed by how many friends and classmates showed up at this gathering.  I was also suprised how much I enjoyed doing it.  Its just that, well, you know, I’m not the get dirty type of girl; I am however a girl that works hard so it’s not exactly a stretch.  Truth be told, there was something very gratifying about picking up clods of dirt and moving them to make way for garlic cloves of multiple varietals.   Afterward, I left rain-soaked and exhausted, but a quick stop over on 82nd with Michelle, Josh and Ellen provided the nourishing bowl of pho and out loud sing-a-thon I needed.  Such a good day.

November - Progressive Dinner and Pastry

November was hard.  A particularly long slog mired in self doubt and tiredness.  I felt disconnected and discouraged.  Because whining about school felt as counter productive as my community development class I decided to develop myself and my community by hosting a progressive dinner instead.  I also decided I would make pie.  I love pie and I turn crust like a pro.  I made four crusts.  One filled with apples and walnuts glazed with hand made salted caramel sauce, another with plums and candied ginger (which Anne helped make), and the rest with potatoes and sirloin for the traditional cornish pasties I subsist on during the winter.   It was a perfect antidote to the November doldrums and certainly carried me through to December.

December - Dance times

Which puts us where we are currently.   At the end of the quarter, I danced for two days straight.  On Thursday, I danced to New Jack swing until late into the evening and on Friday I wrapped myself in tulle and danced to Madonna in a Portland living room.  Dancing is good.  It is joyous.  It is celebratory.  Fitting considering the awesome experiences I’ve had this year.  Yes, this year was challenging and demanding, but it was also fun.  I consider fun the whole point of everything anyway and I’m pretty sure none of these moments would have been the same without the people I shard them with either.  So here is to 2010, a year I’ve been very sentimental about and truly enjoyed.

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