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well let’s just get this part over with

July 27, 2010

we broke down twice.

two tow trucks.

the first time was just outside of durango, co. we had climed 11,000 feet (we didn’t know it was going to be that much…).

and norman (the van) just sort of gave out.

nick could only get into 2nd gear, so we started down the mountain in 2nd. but that didn’t end up working very well, so we pulled off again.

we were about to wave down help — there is no cell reception in the rockies — when nick got norman into 3rd gear.

so off we went with me trying to pretend i wasn’t freaking out.

durango was 30 miles away.

we made it 24 miles.

we called AAA and were towed to the holiday inn parking lot.

after a trip to autozone and some handy parking lot mechanic work, we made it to santa fe the next day with no problems.

then on our last day we pulled into denny’s for breakfast and broke an axel.

this would be a good time to tout denny’s.

that chain has really stepped up its game. wheat pancakes, chicken sausage, turkey bacon, “fresh” fruit.

it’s no geraldine’s counter. but it works when you’re in smalltown america.

back to the point…

we snapped a bolt and that was the end of our trip.

so AAA was called again

and we spent 5 hours in a tow truck

let this be a lesson to you: you’ve never fully lived until you’ve been towed from euguene to seattle by a guy named rodney who loves ‘merica and miracle whip.

norman is doing fine. apparently this happens. and nick doesn’t think it will take too long for him to be back in working order.

so vanventure 2011 is definitely still happening.

but donations to norman’s tow fund are being accepted.

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