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could not be happier for this one

April 28, 2010

the colonels in kentucky

i have what some may deem an unorthodox belief of soulmates.  soulmates can be in our lives for mere moments or for lifetimes. they can be the ones who cut you so deep you’re not sure you can trust again. or they can be the lifelong friend that you text declaring “2009 was my least favorite year” and they know why.

chase is one of my soulmates. we hit it off instantly clipping newspapers for the daily clips. he looked like kid dressed up in his suit. for the next 60 days, we somehow became friends despite me yelling all my random thoughts out the door to him as he sat in his halloffice (my mind is a wonder). we’ve faught — my have we faught. he’s given me the silent treatment on numerous occasions. just as i have stormed into his office, slammed the door and  yelled at him. yet for almost everyday of the last three years, he has made me belly laugh.

together we’ve navigated those awkward years right out of college and our first real jobs to comfortably rest in our mid-twenties and our careers.

i’ll miss having him right down the hall at work. but i am so SO excited for him. and oh so grateful for the last three years.

happy trails, neighbor.

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  1. Devo permalink
    May 4, 2010 3:42 pm

    Jesus Christ, Anne. Did you really have to do this? It makes me sad all over again. I”m not glad Chase got the job. I”m selfish and want him in Oly!

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