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april, may, june…

December 30, 2009

i traveled to minneapolis in april. meaghan brought me to the guthrie theater on easter sunday. from the heart of the city, on the cusp of the mississippi river arose a feat of french architecture. look at these window bays! they frame the most amazing industrial landscape.

chris and hillary are close friends of aaron and have become some of my most cherished people. last may our friends converged in port townsend washington to help them marry each other. people crafted, created and showered them in love. it was an amazing four days.

the question is often asked, how do you divide wisdom? in may/june I traveled home to butte for my little brother's graduation. it was a mysteriously contemplative trip. as my brother wallowed in a haze of graduation festivities, I spent a few hours with my ailing grandfathers, fully grasping the significance of their quickly extinguishing lives while patrick's and mine simultaneously brimmed with potential. there is so much to be gleaned from relationships, this is without a doubt the case with my grandfathers. i wish i could exponentially divide the wisdom they bestowed upon me throughout my life and I wish I could go back and appreciate it with the care it deserved at the time of delivery.

June: Chinatown, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Anne was born May 23, but she had her birthday on Lummi Island in July. Most of us camped in thistle, some of us drank too much tequila, and one of us cried under a sink. All in all, a pretty amazing party.

Dan and Vanessa's wedding rocked - literally. This amazing couple, my favorite neighbors, and very good friends, put together an amazing wedding that seamlessly incorporated every element of what makes them a great couple. Definitely a summer highlight. Definitely.

at the end of july chris and hillary invited a few of us to hillary's parent's cabin on the hood canal.

My grandfather died the 27th of July. I flew home to grieve with my family. My grandfather meant so much to my father, and in my later years realized what an amazing man he was, a man that molded my father into the man he is today. In his eulogy, I spoke fondly of his influence in our family, demonstrating the values I hold so dear in my own life. I miss him.

i went to ohio in august. we boated up and down the sandusky river. i get what people are saying about mid-west summers. they're amazing!

in september i started graduate school. i am a disgruntled graduate student who sleeps too little and eats cereal for two meals a day. but isn't my apartment cute?

as an urban planning student you are required to count parking spaces. i brought my camera along for this particular outing and afterward it decided to rain all over me, my data sets and my camera. downside to urban planning: weather.

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  1. December 31, 2009 10:01 am

    for the record, i’m not the one who cried under a sink. i did, however, sleep in a car.

  2. December 31, 2009 5:07 pm

    This is a really lovely post. The divide wisdom part made me tear up a little, it’s very beautiful. I wrote a similar post today (but the pictures aren’t as pretty):

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