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the world is far from perfect

December 28, 2009

originally posted july 9, 2009

a week before this photo was posted, the Seattle U girls headed to issaquah to have a girls night. it had been far too long, as it usually is. i had had class, arrived late and was greeted by queeniebird whose face was dripping with tears. “you think i’m bad, wait until you get in there,” she said. regence was stalling in approving alyssa’s bone marrow transplant, and her doctors told her that they were running out of time. everyone was fired up, “i swear i’m calling president obama tomorrow and demanding health care reform.”

slowly we calmed down, a few more glasses of wine probably helped. i turned to alyssa and said, “you willing to go public now?” and alyssa replied, “i think it’s all i’ve got.” two days later,it was all she had — regence denied her third appeal. we wrote to the Seattle Times, to King 5 news’ consumer advocate, to anyone we could think of. three hours after alyssa hit “send,” KOMO 4 news called. they wanted to tell her story on the 6 p.m. news.

i’m not someone who doubts the power of community, but the universe sometimes likes to remind me  that people are good. our friends and families rallied around alyssa,inundated  regence with letters asking for them to reconsider their decision and prayed for alyssa and kyle.

please continue to pray for alyssa and kyle. the fight for her health is still continuing.

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